After a long time of search, trial, and error.. Finally I was able to write / read Japanese character (hiragana-katakana-kanji) in my Sony Ericsson W960i (SE W960i) !!  ^.^

W960 Japanese

Since I bought that phone in Indonesia, I thought that phone was only able to write in Latin alphabet (Roman A-Z system) or European languages (A, Á, B, C, Č, ë, etc).  It was fine because in Indonesia we use Latin alphabet everyday, until someday I got an important email in my W960 from my Japanese colleague which is of course written in Japanese language and the phone was unable to reveal the characters !!

The only way for me at that time was only seeking a laptop/computer (and internet connection) which has Japanese input to reply the email, pretty troublesome and inefficient, isn’t it ?!  So, since then my search to install Japanese characters in w960i had begun.

Finally, I got precious information about a program which enable w960i to read/write Japanese characters. The program is Psiloc Japanese localization V1.52 UIQ and the website said it compatible to SE M600i, SE P1i, SE P990/990i, SE W950i, SE W960i.  All you have to do is install the application, run it, enable Japanese input, and restart your phone !! Simple isn’t it ?!

But you can make a guess that the application is not free, it’s shareware/trial version so you have to buy it after 10days. The solution to this problem maybe :
1. You buy the application, pay the price, and use it as your own.
2. You don’t want to buy the application, but still want to use it !

If you choose number 1, it would be easy, just download the application from internet, install it to your phone, and the problem will be solved.
If you choose number 2 like me, you have to install cracked version of that application. (forgive me, I still feel guilty until now). But as you know, most phone will reject cracked application to be installed.

So next solution are :

2a. Hack your phone to accept cracked application to be installed ! This is called cell phone mooding (slang expression from ‘modify’), and it really dangerous for newbie to modify your phone system. Our phone has protected folders and drives, and we’ll modify those protected system. Be careful, every phone has different operating system and different modding procedure ! If you have sufficient knowledge and courage to do this, you can search any information about it and do it for your own risk. If success, you will got your phone hacked and you will able to install all applications/ modify it. But, any fail will lead to malfunction of our phone system, even can shutdown your phone, so be careful !! Once more, EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH THIS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. ME OR ANYONE ELSE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE MADE DUE TO IMPROPER USAGE OF THE PROGRAMS

2b. After you got your phone hacked, just installed Psiloc Japanese localization V1.52 UIQ cracked version to your W960i (as usual) and the problem will be solved !

With that application, now you can read/write Japanese characters in your phone.. ^^

W960 Japanese W960 Japanese

Run the installed application in W960. You will only see ‘Disable Japanese’ after you select ‘Enable Japanese’
W960 Japanese W960 Japanese

Now you can see there is Japanese input if you want to text SMS/Email !!
Enjoy !! don’t forget to use jog dial and handwriting recognition in W960, they’re very helpful !

Note : Forgive me I don’t provide download application link (for Psiloc Japanese localization V1.52 UIQ), you can search it through internet. Moreover, for those who don’t know about modding procedure for SE W960, maybe someday I will provide detail information about it. Unfortunately right now I don’t know whether this same application can be used to input Chinese Language or not.

Terima Kasih ( = Indonesian Language for ‘ Thank you ‘ ),

Handoko Luo