Another year has come, I really celebrate this day deep down inside.. this particular month always make me stop for a moment and do a deep contemplation.. this is also a beautiful reminder to myself in the future..

This one year is really a processing and integration year for me.. started almost exactly from last year, it was totally amazing.. invaluable and immeasurable.. it started when I stop for a moment from absorbing-daily-activities, when I began to question things that I’ve never questioned before, when I felt all of the old beliefs didn’t seem to be so true anymore, when I had the feeling there’s a greater way, but I didn’t know what that is.. when I had the feeling there’s a whole new level of living and understanding but didn’t know how to get there, and when I gave a message totally from my heart, from the truest part of my being saying “I’m ready..” and yes it occurred afterward through synchronicity.. this process shifted my core beliefs about everything in this world.. during that process, my old world was totally shattered, it made me miserable and it brought me the fear of change, trembling alone from the core.. it was very emotional and at times very dramatic.. it was such overwhelming changes.. I’ve been trying to figure it out in my mind, and analyze it, but couldn’t.. the remained option was only to feel and experience it.. I didn’t know what was it’s going to be.. but there was a feeling, there was a voice of trust that I have to dare myself and to experience it.. it was like revelations of everything inside the dark room of my old world..

and in the end, I accepted and acknowledged the change as a real part of me.. it is no longer merely abstract concepts or words, but it’s integrated within me as a new way of life to stay on this Earth.. the way I experience my reality from now on.. I looked back, and I know it was like a change of new operating system of myself, totally new perspective of everything.. it’s a goodbye to my old consciousness as I have known it, a death of old consciousness.. it provided new space for new consciousness to come in..

within this 1 year, the most profound revelations were..

*. Duality / Yin – Yang — represent the understanding how natural order of things work.. represent interaction of two complementary opposite energies which cause everything to happen, that we’re experiencing everyday in our life, including every emotion.. what humans have been experiencing in their life, what they have been observing all around them has been duality of light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad.. I too have lived with this constant conflict of light and dark, good/bad, masculine/feminine, positive/negative, villain/victim, of dynamics of opposites.. this duality is really about separation verses unity.. on earth, it is when human beings divide themselves by applying term ‘a good person’/ light side, or ‘a bad person’/dark side.. by saying ‘this is good, that is evil.. I welcome this, I hate that..’ but then I realized that things are co-originating, intertwined, and mutually defining.. existence and non-existence co-create each other.. there’s no light without dark, there’s no happiness without sadness, there’s no friends without enemies, there’s no bravery without cowardice, there’s no pleasure without pain, there’s no love without hatred, there’s no life without death, there’s no creation without destruction, there’s no positive without negative, no ‘light’ side without ‘dark’ side.. vice versa.. the opposite aspects are not enemy, they’re always together.. they are not meant to fight and annihilate each other.. in order for one to exist, the opposite must exist.. they are reflection of each other.. what is called as negativity and darkness is an inseparable part of the reality, it is not a ‘cursed’ part, but it is a ‘blessed’ part that give a depth to the whole experience of a being.. this wisdom and realization brought me a feeling of harmony and appropriateness of life.. it was the first deep understanding about life and reality..

*. Transcending Duality / Nondualism / Christ Consciousness —  from duality to oneness.. oh, it was really hard for me to understand this before.. it was out of logic, and beyond the mind.. after seeing those opposite sides are reflection each other, then I realized they are two sides of a very same coin of reality, facets of the very same diamond, they’re two yet also one.. as a saying goes, “emptiness is form, form is emptiness”.. they are illusions of reality.. the opposite sides, light/dark – positive/negative – yin/yang, they are really not meant to fight each other, they are meant to be integrated together, to be melded.. they are like two lovers sharing an experience together, committing to be together forever, to be in service and love each other unconditionally.. they’re not only co-create each other, they’re same.. this understanding greatly changed my perspective about life, it really shocked me to see how I played this game of illusions on earth, without realizing that what I praised and what I cursed were the very same thing.. what I hated and loved were the very same thing.. the divinity that I looked for was located inside the darkness.. the answer to my prayers, has always been right there, hidden behind the things I didn’t like about myself and the world around me.. the darkness is my divinity, the divine is the darkness.. they emanate from the same source.. they are same.. it is the reality of what light and dark energies are.. it is just a game of duality.. this duality, illusions of reality, keep human beings from seeing who they really are.. oh, since this realization, I smiled and welcomed those opposite sides into my life.. the duality of life, they evaporated.. no longer there is separation.. now, they’re integrating and dancing together.. no longer term ‘good/bad’ can be applied.. no longer there’s a need to fight for one side.. there’s no reason to fight anymore.. there’s no reason to struggle anymore.. I put down my ‘righteous sword’ to fight for one side and become part of both sides.. that I am a Warrior of the Light, and Warrior of the Dark as well.. as I realized this, I felt the real beauty and the real art of the human experiences, the beautiful weaving of duality – the weaving of the tapestry of life.. now, it just is.. it was just a profound knowingness beyond definition.. this insight expanded to a feeling of oneness in all universe.. as inseparable part of universe, the consciousness within all universe.. this feeling of interconnectedness really amazed me.. long time ago, I thought it was a just an abstract concept.. but even until now, it’s still an ineffable realization, can’t be put into words.. all are connected.. all is one, all is different..

*. There’s nothing to forgive and be forgiven.. because there’s no bad things, there’s no mistake at all, no one made mistake, so there’s no victim or villain.. there’s no villain, there’s no victim, then who is apologizing and who is being given the apology? who is there to apologize to, and who is there to forgive?.. no one can be blamed anymore.. all is innocent, no matter what action is taken.. everything is just IS.. I understood that guilty feeling is not needed anymore.. anger is not needed anymore.. anger is imbalance, getting angry is not natural emotion for a human being, love is.. this is a matter of the heart and the heart alone.. this is, really a huge leap of understanding and consciousness for me, a direct practical result from integrated duality.. really a profound shift of perspective, shift of perception.. this realization suddenly made all of my emotional pains as a victim and guilty feelings as a villain disappeared suddenly, naturally and totally disappeared without struggling or affirmation or denial.. those bitter emotions were transmuted suddenly into big joy, and bliss.. what was a deep pain, now it is really a precious jewel of experience.. what was an undesirable trauma, now it is a laughable experience.. it’s like letting go of the past, free from burdens of the past.. it made me realized that emotional pain is really just an illusion.. I was the bad guy or the victim, but when I realized they’re actually one same aspect, that actually I was both of them, and that actually there is no villain and victim, then what is the reason to be angry or guilty ?! when the reason was lost, when the reason to blame (someone or self) was disappeared, guilty feeling and anger were naturally disappeared, they’re not able to be exist anymore.. the illusions are dissolving.. imagine, a day when you can’t see any fault at all in everyone, when you really fall in love with everyone you meet and think, no matter what they do they will never be able to make you feel down because you understand the illusion game, when everyone seems perfect in your eyes.. at that moment, I really wanted to hug all people without exception and share this art of happiness, actually more than happiness – it is a bliss.. this wonderful understanding alone was enough to make me remember this whole process of transformation.. but I also realized, without a deep understanding about integrated duality, many people will insist there’s still a need or a reason to hate someone or feel guilty, then indeed this concept become really difficult to be shared to others..

*. Religion, it start to cease naturally when I realized there is no separation.. there’s no more struggling about human, religion/beliefs, and ‘the divine’.. some call it God, Source, Spirit, Brahman, the Intelligent Force, Cosmic Consciousness, the One, the absolute, the Tao, the Universe, and it doesn’t matter what it’s called by human.. there were the search for it through attendance, through joining, through worship, through doctrine.. but, ultimately there’s no separation between ‘lowly human’ and ‘divine all-that-is’, they’re one.. there’s self-awareness, human’s divine nature, and divine nature within all things, as trinity aspect.. this understanding has been achieved millenniums ago and misunderstood many times in the past, even until now.. there’s no sin or sinner or salvation, there’s no judgement at all afterlife, the day of judgement is not exist — no reward and punishment as most humans would believe, even for the most wicked one who killed millions.. there is only unconditional love and understanding, not a distorted love and limited understanding based on concept of good and evil, sin and virtue.. concept of good and evil is just the duality set-up within planet Earth for the sake of experience to be a human being and has nothing whatsoever to do with the divine culture.. heaven and hell is inner state of mind, not a place afterlife, it’s metaphor for reflection of inner state to the reality, it’s within self and can be experienced anytime.. even the fallen angel is the metaphor of a human being who falls from their mastery with choice.. religion is not an issue, for the core is all the same as given by the creators of every major religion on Earth, buddha(siddharta) – jeshua(jesus/isa) – muhammad, and others.. all have the same core message to share.. behind every their words, the core is same, it’s about unity, wisdom, and love for ‘the divine’.. and ‘the divine/creator-self’ doesn’t care how human-self get to that place of reunion, it is a loving ‘Source’ and it is beyond separation of races and beliefs.. human being often put ‘god’ in a box and separate themselves, but seldom look and realize that ‘god’ is in all the boxes, there have been miracles in all of them, there is the very same family there.. all is divine and pure.. everything is sacred when eyes see the sacred in all.. without words, without thoughts or rituals or worship of any kind, without the binding of ‘holy book’.. they’re no longer needed.. the way that all religious texts/scriptures on Earth were written is through channeling, by human beings and their natural connection with their spirit aspect, and it is without any label at all.. everyone is unconditionally loved, wholly and completely loved and will be forevermore, regardless any actions or beliefs.. this whole realization was the most difficult part of this process for me, it also made many people around me stay back in fear and be alarmed.. it shattered my world and it brought a great fear to the surface just to look every core beliefs that I had, and it made me stirred by great emotions and weep deep inside.. yet, I couldn’t deny the release and tremendous liberating feeling, the vibration that could be felt over and over again, the feeling of pure unconditional love that came along, and other indescribable feelings as this moment happens.. no longer can I put my identity into a particular religion.. no longer I search which path is true and which path is false.. it was the end of searching, the end of struggling about ‘human self’ and ‘divinity’.. it was like a revealed essence and made all of my conflicts about religion disappear, it was like the puzzles were connected each other and showed a big picture about journey of humanity in order to search re-connection with ‘the divine’..

*. Love – the essence of love.. in the past, I was puzzled by this feeling, I said it to other being with my limited understanding about it.. sure it is a concept that can only truly be felt and can never adequately be expressed in the written word..  but now, I understood it’s not merely a word that is associated only with a comfortable feeling inside the heart, or simple word that can be used easily without understand its essence.. in its core, it is the highest vibration and joy, the vibration of universe.. it is a vibration of peace when you totally accept the other person for what they are, when you totally accept yourself for what you are.. it is an acceptance of everything as they are.. it is a joy of being.. of Being Love itself.. it is the true nature, it is the divinity, it is the Oneness, the loving ‘divine’ and has no agenda.. it is an understanding.. it is compassion.. it is a wisdom.. it is a knowing from within.. Love need not be directed at anyone, is it the Source loving itself, emanate from within and permeate all things.. Love is more than just a word, it is way of Being.. and it begin within self, for without self-love, one can not know what true love can be.. love based relationship is not about gender or sexual preference or physical contact.. it is about sharing the divinity, the inner balance of masculine and feminine energy — not about gender but about consciousness and energy..  love based relationship is not based on neediness and lack, mutual exploitation of give and take, fear of future or worldly needs.. there is no agenda, there is no investment, no business or stipulation involved.. it is not about searching the fulfillment from another that will fill the void within, it is not about searching the other half.. because every human being is complete, there is soul-mate within.. the relationship is spiritual and heart-based, rather than physical attraction and emotional bonding.. it is based in feelings, compassion, connection, mutual respect and support.. love based relationship is not competitive, jealous, or possessive, if these feelings are there, know well there is not love, because the product of those things is pain, and it is not love, it is just misunderstanding about love, done in the name of love..there is sharing and caring, yet both partners will be independent and self-reliant within themselves, there can be no co-dependency.. there is commitment and trust, and trust has to be a state of your being that you are loving, that you are trusting, it has no relationship with your partner, that whatever happens your loving and your trusting will remain the same, that you trust his/her freedom, intelligence, loving capacity whatever he/she choose for himself/herself.. in this way there can be no word ‘deceived or betrayed by someone’, it can not be, because there is no control and agenda in love, yet there is deep compassion and wisdom.. the relationship will be deep and meaningful.. Love surpasses the duality, it is beyond the role of ‘the lover and beloved’, beyond ‘the masculine and feminine’..  This realization opened my heart to everything.. before this, I understood love up to a certain point, but this deeper understanding of love greatly remodeled all my previous thoughts about it and greatly changed how I view all my relationships, with my self, with partner, with everyone and everything.. this realization enabled me to experience what the unconditional love mean is.. the overflowing emotion that has taken place is really wonderful, it is beyond words..

*. Vanity of indulgence in worldly desires — the eye has never enough of its seeing, or the ear of its hearing, thirsty for riches/money, indulgence in sexual desire, desires for fame, greediness for power will never be satisfied.. all is vain.. it always want to be fulfilled, but limitless.. indulgence in sexual desires can satisfy only the body and it’s temporary, but never pleases the soul.. power is addictive and exhilarating, but it is also an illusion, there is simply energy and it is not measured by how much of it we can contain or control, it is not to be used against another, not to be accumulated and stored, not to be used to try to show others that someone is grander.. there is a new consciousness where power is not needed or wanted.. for many, having money is a measure of worth.. it is not financial worth, but self-worth.. they search it in form of riches..  same like many desires above, attachment in those desires make them are easy to be controlled.. it’s a hidden string to control someone’s life.. and whenever humans think they’ll feel a fulfillment because of these external things, they will certainly feel empty when they lost it, then they will search these external source of fulfillment again only to be disappointed and feel empty again when they lost it, it repeat over and over again until they have realized the vanity and stop the pattern.. it also took me a very long time to really experience this realization, now it’s no longer just a theory from ancient wisdom.. furthermore, this realization brought me to a deep feeling of content and balance, and released me from many attachments to the world.. oh yes it’s still okay to get the abundance, see what I want to see – like beautiful things through eyes, hear anything, feel the sexual desire, enjoy delicious food or luxury, etc..  but those things won’t be a control mechanism anymore for my life.. there’s an awareness that I can enjoy them in a beautiful way, but with a deeper understanding.. indeed, they serve human experiences, to some extent..

*. Have no agenda — another direct practical result of integrated duality.. agenda is having a specific desired outcome of a situation (e.g. like a desire of the way others behave), regardless in the name of the light or the dark.. it is the core energy of duality, because when someone have agenda, it energizes one of the elements of duality.. it limit the experience and hide the whole picture.. it’s like boulders in the river of life, blocking the natural flow of energy.. it’s also stated in very first chapter of Chinese ancient text – Tao Te Ching (道德經) : “Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestation”  have an agenda towards one thing, and it has an equal and opposite energetic reaction towards the other.. when you place all the emphasis on the light, that also builds the dark, there will be yin for every yang, vice versa.. that’s why there’s no one side will be able to dominate another side.. it’s about integrate them and have no agenda, it also mean to bless and give freedom to something or situation that has been created by self.. never control it.. and never has expectation of it.. just letting things be as they are – they will find their own way to freedom and resolution.. when you try to restrict or control others, indicating a certain direction for them that you consider appropriate, then it limit your understanding of them and their understanding of themselves.. this perspective was really challenging, but it also lead me into an another new consciousness and realization.. no longer can I say, ‘it should be like this, it should be like that, you should be like this, you should do that, etc”, even it’s for the ‘good’.. everything has to be free, let it find its way, love it and honor it.. this understanding released me from lot of great anxieties, conflicts, and worries in daily lives.. including when I had to really release someone who really dear to me..

*. Everything — every human, every life form —  is exactly where they choose to be.. all is well in all of creation.. everything is perfect.. how true is this.. everything is as they’re right now, even if it looks like it’s a big matter, disaster, or even the end of the world.. everything is appropriate.. love them and honor them.. accept things as they are.. everything is not what it seems, there is another layer beneath a layer.. there hasn’t been a single wrong turn.. nothing done wrong.. no mistakes.. it’s just the awareness hasn’t been there about the true perfection of everything.. anything can happens, and it doesn’t matter.. this understanding is another implication of integrated duality, when I can no longer lay any judgement anymore that based on right or wrong.. based on acceptable or unacceptable.. it brought me a flow of inner quiet and tranquility.. first and foremost it brought a feeling of compassion for self — compassion for every experience that I have ever had that I’ve made in my life; compassion for every person – an understanding that they are making decision based on what they want to learn, experience, and share with others; and compassion to everything in this world – an understanding that there is truly nothing wrong with it, that every human has planned their own path.. Compassion is acceptance, it is the wisdom and the understanding that everything is appropriate, no matter how it appears on the outside.. it is also about honoring humans’ choice and about smiling on the homeless person, smiling on one who is handicapped or crippled, smiling on those who are rich and powerful, smiling on all.. not trying to change them and not feeling sorry for them.. to be there with love no matter what, even when they’re thinking about taking their own lives – or the life of another.. some people will view this as a heartless perspective, or even cruel.. how can you accept and stand still when there are so many chaos or ‘wrong’ things.. but it’s otherwise.. it’s very deep.. it is an understanding that everything is being chosen and acted out appropriately.. it’s the ability to honor and love unconditionally.. what was a matter for me before became doesn’t matter anymore.. it doesn’t matter.. it’s perfect.. there’s no more demand, expectation, judgement, or struggle to/with myself, others, and the world.. outer struggles only mirrored my inner conflicts.. when fighting with self and with the world are stopped, struggling with the illusions are also stopped..

*. and many other deep understandings, either esoteric or practical wisdom, about connectedness of human being – lively Gaia – whole universe – all there is, about evolution of the spirit, about emotions and feelings, about existence and non-existence of time, about a cycle of energy repetition called ‘karma’, about life and cycle life on earth, about everything.. each can be explained in a great detail of length or just by realization without words.. but all of those ‘esoteric terms’ are not needed when wisdom, understanding, and integration is achieved.. it is matter not whether those things can be proved scientifically or not, since the understanding effects are real..

life is even getting richer and deeper.. now there’s a depth in everything in life.. suddenly there was a burst of creativity and perhaps it’s expressed in my sudden exploration of photography until now.. and there was a ‘creative knowingness’, it was going beyond what my mind can perceived before.. it’s somehow like sensitivity increase.. eyes no longer only see the physical appearance but also into the depth.. voice communication  is no longer only words, but there is a package of feeling and whole information beneath it.. especially music, it’s no longer just melody and notes, but there is capability to convey a very feeling energy and consciousness that can take somebody beyond the mind.. the very same thing with picture and other forms or art.. it’s a media to convey the consciousness.. here, I learned that communication can be done in a way that is more profound than limited words.. much more than what can be understood by mind.. the essence is consciousness, awareness, sensitivity and feelings..

In the end, I had to release all attached labels to myself.. with the things that I used in the past to define my identity.. the identity of who I thought I was is leaving, along with it leave all of the energies and symbols of the old me.. the human name, yes I’m called by it, but that’s just a label given from my biological parent, that is the label to call my male physical body right now on Earth, that’s not me.. there’s a consciousness that I can’t identify myself anymore with family, job, religion, citizenship, ethnic, etc.. I will become ‘follower of a belief’ when formality need me to fill in the religion, I will become ‘a son from a particular family’ if people need an answer about my biological relative, I will become ‘someone with a job’ if they ask me my job, I will become ‘someone from a specific land, country, with specific ethnic’ if they ask me about my citizenship or ethnic, but those are just labels.. in deep within, my sense of belonging increased, from a part of biological family, to a part of an ethnic or belief or country, to a part of whole humanity and earth, to a part of everything.. no longer can I use labels to identify myself.. I will use them to explain myself to other people who still need it to identify someone, however I am not them.. no longer bounded to any separated labels.. it is a profound answer to a simple yet wonderful question, “Who Am I ?” furthermore, when I see all of this, it also greatly changed my view about humanity on earth.. now it transcends gender, belief, country-ethnic-language, or any labels..

for myself, I acknowledge this whole process as Awakening process.. the name or term is not important though, the experience and realization is important.. the process is challenging, can be deceiving, and can be beautiful all at the same time.. “Am I crazy?” is often the top question of a person who’re going through this process.. it’s also really difficult to explain this to others.. so people can say I’m being delusional or getting off track, some of them are worry or afraid, and it doesn’t matter.. it’s full nature can’t be analyzed, defined, and dissected by mind, it is beyond.. the mind cannot ever grasp this whole concept of ‘divinity’.. the mind puts ‘divinity’ outside of itself to try to understand, but it really doesn’t work well.. it must be undefined, undone, then and only then, its true nature can be understood.. there will be ‘a-ha’ moment or realization moment and the whole concept suddenly can be understood without words.. it takes a good going out of mind – a good mental breakdown – to really understand that there is something outside of the mind.. it takes that shattering of the illusion of the mind, the total meltdown of that old way basis for understanding life.. I realized how limited I was before, always using mind – ratio or philosophy – to analyze the universe and to ponder everything and put it into words, by definition and systematically, to go very mental and discuss with someone else.. but after this whole process, I acknowledged the mind is a beautiful thing, but it’s limited, and there’s so much more, so much more precious.. there’s something much grander.. beyond it are new frontiers of consciousness.. it can be felt and known in heart.. it’s not about being intelligent or smart.. it’s about being the self.. the philosophy is dead, it’s replaced by experience and wisdom..

Nevertheless, this whole process make my life on Earth become deeper, simpler, clearer, grounded, and has more freedom.. so many revealed wisdom and it made the total basis of all my thinking changes.. I left the old perspectives and welcome the new self in every aspects.. These transformations have led my human aspect to reconsider the way it acts, not only with my partner, but also in relationship with others – and most importantly, in relationship with myself.. everything was affected and changed, there were relationships that left or came or refreshed.. I’m really grateful for that and regret nothing.. Indeed, this inner transformation greatly change my life.. it is a major turning point.. and from now on, I will keep improving.. the consciousness will always evolve and grow, it will always want to express itself, and move itself into levels never realized before.. the old circle is closed. The new adventure has begun, to live a life without a mission, where the only purpose is to Be That Life.. being in this state is not about being superior or have more authority in any way, it is not about to be a super human, it is not about knowing more than any one else, it is not about preaching or evangelize, it is simply about being grounded and integrated in all situations.. it is about re-melding of the masculine/feminine – light/dark – up/down aspect.. it is about back to the simplicity of life.. it is also about accept the blessings of life.. simply said, it is about compassion for everything, balancing-expandingexpressing the energies, and embrace life.. every breathing moment of life..

Life is here to serve everything and filled with blessings — blessings from Gaia, blessings from other humans, blessings that occur in every moment.. every person on the street, every person that I have a relationship with, every animal, every bird, every breeze that caresses face is a blessing. It’s about accept each and every thing as a blessing. Not as an accident, not as something that just happens to happen, but as a synchronous event and blessing in life.. this made me start to appreciate life in a whole new way.. maybe I will miss the old way and do it sometimes, but it doesn’t matter.. there will be ‘the best of times’ and ‘the worst of times’, but it doesn’t matter.. from now on, it will be a wonderful time on earth to integrate everything..

now I understand why some people would spend the rest of their life to devote themselves in the search or worship of ‘god/the divine’ until they die.. why ancient masters always told humans to understand the inner self foremost over and over again like it is a very very important thing to do, and why humans were told to love ‘god’ with with all heart, all soul, all strength, and all mind, with everything 100%.. now I understand, because it is unavoidable and undeniable, in the deepest and truest part…  it is ourselves.. the creator who is also the created..

You’ve been a wanderer many times, and you’ve asked yourself, “where could that source be?” And then you’ve said to yourself: “Well, I’m gonna find it. I know it is there”. So you started your journey. A difficult journey full of paths that leaded in all directions. A journey with many different and colorful beings. And you continued your journey, even if you didn’t know where you are anymore. You even got scared at a moment to continue the journey. And sometimes, you even believed you couldn’t see which way you were taking. You’ve tried to ask some that you’ve met. But you couldn’t understand yourself, or the ones you were talking to. And still, a voice from deep within your heart whispered to you to continue : “Don’t stop. The source you are searching for is close”.

* 知人者智, 自知者明.. (Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing the self is enlightenment)

* Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqad ‘arafa rabbahu..

* Aham Brahmasmi…

* Manunggaling kawula gusti..

*  I and my Father are one..

Am I evil? Am I good? Does it matter?  It is an old game of duality that humans keep playing – separation, division, light, dark. At the core of all things, at the core of all things..  there is no light and dark.. there isn’t..

— There will be a time for a human, when the seeds of truth began to make sense to him/her and grow accordingly, in his/her own time, with his/her own logic, with his/her own heart.. it can’t be forced and there’s no judgement at all..

— Your journey is unique to yourself.. Your understanding will come to you when you are fully ready to receive it.. There are those who are gently helping you to gain knowledge and move forward with your understanding.. But no one can learn your lessons for you..

-* If something does not ring true to you, you do not need to decide if it is right or not according to anyone else. Decide for yourself… If you don’t believe it, then let go of that and find one that resonates for you..

-* Follow your own truth.. following the truth of others leads to a dead end, anxiety, depression, and confusion within yourself. But when you follow your own truth, it is clear, apparent, pure..

welcoming the 25th year..

April 2011

Handoko Luo