come.. come..
this is the place that you always dream of..
the place where you want to fulfill your dream..
the place where you want to know how far you can go..

you know you will face many challenges..
and you know you will be alone again..
but you say you have to keep walking..
because it is only a battle with yourself..

you sealed the past and run away from it..
start a new blank page might be better, you said..
with hope that the everything can be forgotten as time goes by..
and the new future will bring the happiness to your door..

what you do not know is..
inside your greatest pain, there is your greatest teacher..
and the future can be as flexible as wind..
and it is not a battle with yourself.. it is a reunion..

then there you are.. finding yourself disconnected..
as if you are on your own solitary path..
as if your screaming echo hit nobody but you..
and you are wondering if you should follow the crowd..

you are wondering where the road might lead you..
wondering is it a real road for you.. or just a fantasy..
but no one can tell you.. they do not see what you see..
and you keep hearing that gentle whisper calling you..

tormented between fear and hope..
between the sealed past and the promising future..
try as you may, you can not find the answer..
and you keep hearing that gentle whisper calling you..

you are afraid.. but you decided to go..
because you are tired guessing.. and struggling..
because you are tired fighting.. and slashing your sword..
without knowing the real meaning of your own journey..

and you do not know..
that the path that you have chosen..
is the path where you will meet me..
the path that will change you forever..

as you go, you are shocked to your core..
by your own discoveries and realizations..
you can’t believe it to be true..
but it hit the bell in you.. and it ring true..

it seems impossible and unimaginable before..
way beyond your reach to grasp it..
but you have grown enough through the journey..
enough for you to understand the whole picture..

so finally you found the missing pieces of your life..
the puzzle pieces that fit together in harmony one by one..
making a very beautiful weaving..
of the tapestry of life..

you found the light in the darkness..
you found the darkness in the light..
and you realized how they are just identical twin..
that keep dancing, playing, reflecting, loving, and together forever..

the beautiful things that you loved and treasured so dearly before..
the ugly things that you hated and fought so hard before..
now show themselves as projections and illusions..
when you have the realization.. the illusion of life has been broken..

as you do this, you heal the sealed past..
and realized there’s really nothing to forgive.. and be forgiven..
no longer your future is fixed on your sealed past..
the past and the future meld together in the now moment..

it fill you with the joy of life.. a feeling of complete..
so happy that you’d call it as a bliss..
because you can see how perfect everything is..
how lively and sacred everything is..

there is an explosion of joy inside.. to celebrate and to share..
for how can you do not laugh at the entire cosmic joke..
and how can you do not share it to other..
so you choose visual way as an expression.. and to tell that to the world..

at this point.. you have chosen a new way for your life..
filled not only with information, but also consciousness and feeling..
the philosophy is dead.. and replaced by experience and wisdom..
the old circle is closed.. and the new adventure is begun..

time goes by.. and here you are now..
it is time to say goodbye now.. and say thank you..
it is time to honor everything.. and smile at them..
it’s been a wonderful journey here.. isn’t it..

it is a place where we had our reunion..
it is a place that you will never forget..
who knows we will be here again..
to unfold another story of life..

so let’s cherish the moment now.. like a saying goes..
the music has ended.. but the melody is linger on..
everything here are gone.. but the melody is linger on..
honor and gratitude.. to those who have crossed the path together..

Welcome Home..

‘I Am’
— 2011/12/24